Support Co-ordination

We provide Co-ordination of Supports (CoS) to assist participants funded for Support Co-ordination to build their capacity and navigate the complex processes of the NDIS.


We liaise with participants to find the appropriate services and engaging quality supports services to achieve the goals in their plan.


We provide Support Co-ordination at all levels including:


Level 1: Support Connection

Level 2: Co-ordination of Supports

Level 3: Specialist Support Co-ordinataion 

In home and Community Support 


We provide In Home Support Services and Social & Community Participation to assist participants to build their skills and independence in their homes and in the community. 


We employ skilled and experienced support staff who understand the physical and mental difficulties in conducting day to day activities.  

We specialise in assisting participants with their therapy and intervention programs to achieve their goals and overall quality of life. 

Supported Independent Living (SIL)


We provide Supported Independent Living (SIL) to participants who require assistance with their daily living tasks. 
We provide safe and thriving homes that cater to people of similar age, gender and interests. 
Our support staff are caring, committed, empathetic and understanding.   
Specialised Support Coordination Specialist

We provide quality supports so that our participants have the best chance at achieving their goals.

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